Misterul domnului din spatele cristalinului

         Barbatii … intentionam sa scriu multe dar pe cand sa indrept degetele spre tastatura, parca toate ideile s-au imprastiat in niste norisori pe care ma voi stradui sa-i adun cat de cat, suficient de usor incat sa nu provoc o furtuna. More

The story of a magic soldering iron

ImageWhy is it good to have a soldering iron at home? Well, besides having it gives you the possibility to brag to your friends that you have something they don’t, it’s actually useful. More

Sterilizarea, atac la valorile si traditiile romanesti

              Cum sunt o sustinatoare ferventa a traditiilor romanesti, nu pot sa stau pasiva atunci cand ele sunt daramate. Pana nu demult, sa zicem 100 de ani, majoritatea romanilor traiau in sate, unde detineau in ograda lor diverse animale pentru propriul consum, locomotie sau divertisment. More

Dogs, human’s friends or not

04_Maidanezi_RZV_90e9f200ff_thumb_630_380        Surely some people like to have cats as pets, others like dogs and all kind of animals who can be tamed, including pigs. But what do we do when they lose their owners, become loose on the streets, territorial and even wild? Romania has that kind of problem for many years now and I am really excited to see opinions everywhere of people who don’t really know and understand the real situation, as the voice of those who feel the reality on their skin, is faint and easily stomped on the hospitals hallways. More

Extra-dimensional God ?!?!

I suppose you all know what is a hypercube and if not I will briefly make a presentation. We all understand what a cube is, that is a square extruded into the third spacial dimension as depth. Now imagine that there is another spacial dimension in which you will extrude this cube. More

Global organized induced schizophrenia

Since I have a terrible headache I find it a reason and a proper moment to remember myself other issues which give me headaches besides lack of sleep. More

Miracol religios vs placebo

Sunt din ce în ce mai uimită cât de adânc poate afecta credința o persoană, mergând până la punctul în care se distrug niște elemente simple de logică și voi încerca să fac un exercițiu de imaginație în acest sens. Acesta presupune crearea unei povești simplificate, similară cu cea prezentată de creștinism. More

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